Here is the information on two red hearts on Snapchat. Have You Seen the Red Heart? Over the last several days many visitors have asked me about the difference in the red heart and yellow heart on Snapchat. It may be the case that this means your Snapchat Best Friend is actively using Snapchat, but I cannot confirm this yet.

I will do some testing over the next few days and figure out what is going on with this red heart. Here is what it looks like:. If you have any guesses about what this red heart means please feel free to leave a comment below. Someone out there has to know what this new red heart means. Next will be the two pink hearts when it gets to two months. The double heart? The golden heart?

I think the red heart appears when two people have been yellow heart bestfriends for a certain period of time. BFs for 2 weeks and? There birthday? My best friend has there birthday today its the first time I have ever seen it red.

why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away

Thats my only guess. My heart turned red after snapping the same person over 23 days in a row and at least times a day. Maybe after so many days of snapping in a row it changes??

I have gone through and ruled out almost every option in the comment section with my case alone. We are both very confused by it. Can someone just ask Snapchat? My yellow heart just turned red.

Where Did My Snapchat Heart Emoji Go?

But it did it at consecutive days. We have had the yellow heart for the entire days. I have had the? My thing has 4? Me and my bestfriend have ?. O it barely changed like 2 days ago.Snapchat is all about quick communication. So we here at Appamatix are going to help you out by helping you see the entire system of signs at work in the Snapchat Red Hearts, Yellow Heartsand all other kinds of emoji and symbols which are all communicating the same thing.

With a banana, however, it is quite the opposite. This is all part of a very specific system of emoji being used towards a similar end. Emoji are in texts. Emoji are in tweets. Snapchat also uses emoji in novel ways — such as in their Trophy Casewhich lets you earn achievements based on how you Snap. In this case, emoji are used to indicate specific levels and benchmarks you enjoy with your Snapchat 1 Best Friend. You may have encountered an idea around on the internet in conversations about Snapchat.

Did Your Snapchat Heart Emoji Disappear? Here's Why

This is the 1 Best Friend. It definitely sounds like something Forrest Gump would say, right? The 1 Best Friend is not something that you set, as much as it is something that occurs.

Yeah, think about that for a sec. No contracts, no secret handshakes. It makes sense in a way: babies represent newness and also poopso by putting this icon there, Snapchat is saying that your relationship with this person is new and also poop. Oh yes, hearts. And sore thumbs. Bear in mind, you have to consistently be best friends for the entire two weeks. Yes, the both of you have the same friend that you send the most Snaps to. The three of you should probably sit down and define your terms.Snapchat has a lot of coded messages and meanings built into its code and general layout of the application.

Snap Map features, which shows you where your friends are at any given moment without having to have them send you their location on Google Maps.

why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away

One of the most basic features in Snapchat is the heart system, which essentially creates a method with which Snapchat can measure your level of friendship with another person. Like MySpace before it, Snapchat has a fully-featured best friends list that allows you to tell who you communicate with most often on the platform.

While you can have several best friends on the service, only one person at a time can be your true, ultimate best friend, the person who ranks above everyone else. To get there, you and the other person will both need to snap each other more often than anyone else on the service, raising your friendship level through the app to become the ultimate friend.

SNAPCHAT EMOJIS - What do the red and pink hearts mean?

Your best friend is denoted with one of three heart emojis, each meaning and reaching a new level of friendship as you move through the platform. It can be confusing to try to figure out what happened between you and your bestie on the service. As we mentioned up top, there are three levels of heart emojis on the service that each helps you to learn and understand your level of friendship with another person on the service.

While every single one of your best friends on the platform will have a smiling, blushing emoji, only your top mutual friend can have a heart emoji, designating that person as your shared best friend. Our first heart to focus on is the yellow heart, which represents the first level of best friendship in the application. While it might not sound like a lot, this level of friendship is a big deal.

Like a video game, the red heart acts as the next level on Snapchat. This might sound easy, and for some, it will be, but others may have to work at this one.

If you happen to earn the red heart, you should feel proud of yourself and your fellow Snapper. Remaining a number one best friend inside Snapchat is no easy feat, and accomplishing that goal should be considered a job well done.

This is it—the final threshold. You can have up to eight best friends, which display in their own category when sending photos to your contacts. Even if you snap the other person like crazy, the other person might not put the same amount of work in to maintain that friendship.

Sort of! Start by opening up Snapchat, which, by default, opens to the main camera viewfinder display. Slide down from the top of the app to unlock your profile in Snapchat, then hit the settings gear in the top-right corner of the display. Inside of the settings menu, scroll down to Features. Tap this to view a full list of your friend, emojis. This list gives a full of the emoji meanings in Snapchat but also allows you to edit the emoji.It seems like there are more social networks every day!

Posting status updates to Facebook, new selfies to Instagram, retweeting jokes and memes on Twitter, and so much more—it seems impossible to keep track of everything. One of the nice features of Snapchat that make it feel highly personalized compared to other platforms is the use of small emoticons next to the users with whom you interact the most.

These icons really light up your feed, displaying your friendship with each individual in a way that makes everything feel real in a very tangible way. There are so many different icons used inside of Snapchat, it often becomes next to impossible to tell what the app is trying to tell you about your friendships.

Case in point: the app currently uses three different heart emojis to explain different levels of friendship inside the app. There are a ton of hidden emojis inside the app, many of which you may have never even seen. Out of all of the emojis on Snapchat, none are quite as confusing as the hearts. Snapchat uses three different heart emojis to represent different connections between you and another user, with each heart representing a different level of friendship between you and another person.

Our first heart to focus on is the yellow heart, which represents the first level of best friendship in the application.

While it might not sound like a lot, this level of friendship is a big deal. Like a video game, the red heart acts as the next level inside of Snapchat. This might sound easy, and for some it will be, but other may have to work at this one.

If you happen to earn the red heart, you should feel proud of yourself and your fellow Snapper. Remaining a number one best friend inside Snapchat is no easy feat, and accomplishing that goal should be considered a job well done. This is it—the final threshold.

Like most Snapchat features, the heart emojis may seem confusing at first glance, seemingly over-complicated and difficult to understand.

Snapchat Red Heart Vs. Yellow Heart Meaning

So, have you gotten addicted to Snapchat? Do you have a high number of streaks? And have you hit pink hearts with your best friend on the platform? Sound off in the comments below!On August 5th, Snapchat added even more new emoji to confuse and confound the masses. But what do these new Snapchat hearts mean? Is a red heart better or are the two pink hearts better? What happened to the yellow heart?

Why did it change colors? What is Snapchat trying to tell us with all these crazy new heart emoji??? Check it out. This is pretty awesome.

However, there are still greater things to aspire to. Enter, the double pink heart emoji.

why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away

What does the pink hearts emoji mean on snapchat?? The two pink hearts mean something extra special — if you see the two pink hearts on Snapchat, it means you and your bestie have been you 1 best friends for two months or more. Cool, huh? If you are someone who values commitment in a relationship, in Snapchat land this is equivalent to going steady, I suppose. Ok, so some people are wondering why they are still seeing the yellow heart on their Snapchat next to certain friends or what it means when a red heart has a fire symbol next to it.

More complexity on the part of Snapchat, apparently. Only time will tell on this. For now, have fun with the exciting new emoji hearts and work towards those red and pink hearts! Red Heart — You have been 1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight.

You send a lot of snaps to someone they also send a lot of snaps to. You send the most snaps to the same person that they do. You send this person a lot of snaps.

Did Your Snapchat Heart Emoji Disappear? Find Out Why!

Not your 1 best friend, but they are up there. You have snapped this person every day, and they have snapped you back. The number next to it increases with number of consecutive days. Hundred — Day Snapstreak. The Emoji appears next to the fire when you snap back and forth with someone for one hundred days in a row.

Why did my Snapchat emoji hearts change from gold to red or pink hearts? What do the new emojis mean? Check out all Snapchat emoji meanings here. Photo: YouTube. A Complete Guide To The Join the Discussion. Trending Now.We have noticed that many Snapchat users contact us asking why their red heart disappeared on Wednesdays. Obviously, if this is the case, Snapchat has an issue to fix. Does it reappear on Thursdays? On Thursday, September 24th, some Snapchat users have stated their red heart disappeared.

Not only did the red heart disappear but there is no yellow or gold heart either. Are you finding that your red heart is now gone? Did it come back after a few hours? Did your Snapchat red heart disappear?

We would love to know if you are having any issues with your Snapchat red heart or any of the best friend emojis. Snapchat honestly sucks more and more every update for me. Now 4 and 4s users arent allowed filters or anything… Awesome congrats on a shit app! How many couples do you think might be arguing over this? Simply annoying. Like I work really hard to keep all 14 of my streaks while making sure that no one passes up my boyfriend as number one, so when our red heart disappeared it was about to become the pink double heart one too.

My boyfriend and I are still 1 for eachother, yet it still is gone with only a smiley face. Sucks like hell. Why did the hearts disappear? He told me we lost the heart last night even though we snapped each other the most, as usual. A few hours later today, despite not snapping anyone but him, heart was gone completely.

why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away

Not even yellow. I am literally so upset, snapchat needs to maintain its system better and restore our hearts ASAP. My red heart disappeared yesterday. Then I got my yellow one back, on another friend. Now I have no hearts. Just recieved a text from my girlfriend and she is highly ticked that the hearts are gone. Did your? No worries, we are aware of an issue with Friend Emojis and working on a fix!

Woke up to find this. Just wondering if anyone else had theirs change instead of just gone completely. No one else is a heart, and only 2 other people remain smiley faces too.

Please let me know! Just wondering, no one is mentioning it. I have no other hearts but 2 other smiley faces that remained the same. My BF said she hated me after she saw the hearts missing.Snapchat is popular for creating new and interesting ways for friends to communicate with each other and stay in touch.

It also gives people a chance to see how well their friendships and relationships are over the virtual world.

Through the use of emojis. These emojis not only tell you about your own Snapchat habits, but also keeps you informed of how close you are to someone on Snapchat. The emojiswhich appear next to the name of your friends on Snapchat, all have a different meaning.

If that meaning is lost, you lose the emoji. Every Snapchat emoji has a specific meaning and appears for a specific reason. As mentioned above, you start with the Yellow Heart for someone you snap with back and forth the most. The heart becomes red if that continues for at least two weeks, which then becomes two Pink Hearts if the back and forth snaps continue for a month straight.

So, what could make any of these hearts disappear at any given time? But, what can you do to keep that from happening? Make sure you keep sending your best friends snaps, and that they send you snaps in return.

Do you like seeing the Snapchat heart emoji regardless of what it means? In fact, you can change the meaning of any Snapchat emoji you want. What does that mean? Well, you can change the meaning assigned to each Snapchat emoji in your app.

You could select the red heart as the emoji that shows up whenever you make a new friend instead of the Baby Face emoji.

Similarly, you could change the Snapstreak emoji from the Fire one to the Pink Hearts one so that they show up every time you send someone a lot of snaps. This allows you to choose when a particular Snapchat emojisuch as the heart, is displayed. To do this, follow the simple steps below:.

You can try out different emojis and see which ones you like. Simply, follow the steps given above till step number 5. These emojis are simply an indicator of your relationship with friends over Snapchat. For starters, this does represent your friendship in the real world. You can be the best of friends in real life and still not snap with each other often, or at all.

You can not only earn these trophiesbut you also get to keep them forever. How do you earn them? By achieving certain statistics. This will show you all the trophies you have won and all the ones that you still need to win. Some of the trophies include:.