Thanks to all the extremely talented people who has spent months developing and crafting each plugin, we can now enjoy the fruits of their labour to help us in our day to day designing. Note: If there is a great plugin you think should be on the list, please post it in the comments below. AutoRename is a simple plugin for Cinema 4D. ArrowMaker What it does is generate an arrow shape in the form of a spline primitive. The shape itself can be extensively customised to produce a variety of different arrows, then used for example in an Extrude or Sweep NURBS to generate a mesh.

Bridge Maker Build bridges of various architecture with a few clicks. Carbon Nanotubes Generate carbon nanotubes with any index number n, m. Animate the transformation between carbon nanotubes and 2D graphene sheets.

Furthermore, create cool effects by affecting the carbon atoms with Mograph effectors. CenterCut Super simple script that toggles the center-cut safe zones in viewers. This python script will show where cropping will occur on non-widescreen displays. Easily modified for your needs. Includes C. E script for Cinema 4D older than Commentator allows you to add free text notes to your scene files.

All you do is attach a Commentator tag to any object, then type your text into the box which appears. You can also use this tag to set deadlines for certain tasks along with deadline dates and assigned persons. Delay Pro. Simple tool for creating spring animations. More possibilities for Delay effector. Drop It! Drop to Floor and Drop to Target with offset and subdivision. Improved Drop To Target algorithm.

Easier selection workflow — no more drag-and-drop. Easy Building. Quickly create some simple buildings. Earth Maker. Easy way to make random, alternative earths. Easy Parent.Here are my top 5 favorite free Cinema 4D plugins. I looked at the free plugins I used most as my metric fyi.

Here we go! ArrowMaker is a free plugin for Cinema 4D that generates an arrow shape as a spline primitive. The shape itself can be customized to create a ton of of different arrow types, then used in an Extrude or Sweep NURBS to generate a mesh. Included are 7 main screw presets and then you can further customize them in various ways. I find myself using this all the time!

Unlike the jiggle deformer you can have more flabby effects, work with multiple objects, set handle points and use a simple fall-off curve to effect the animation. Overall a super fun and useful plugin, especially for infographic type work. A plugin I find myself using all the time is ReeperX. Reeper means Rope Maker in German, so there you go. You can create 4 different styles of rope with the new 2.

You can also use it to create cables or telephone wires etc. Lots of great uses for it!


The free HOT4D plugin is absolutely incredible! Here are a few samples plus a tutorial I made on it awhile ago:. Those are some of my favorite plugins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Go To Shopping. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.MAC and PC builds included. Stipple deformer converts any spline into dots and dashes, and a lot more.

free cinema 4d plugins

Absolutely free free, no strings attached. Reverb Pro. With stunning depth effects, outlining, and a lot more. And its now completely free. Mondriaan Shader. Yes thank you so very much. I am new to Cinema 4D. I look forward to purchasing more of your plugins. Vector Pro, just purchased…. And thanks for the freebies, need to find some tutorials on them, they seem nice and free!!! Thank you so much for these plugins, but are there any tutorials on how to use these? Thanks once again. Thanks a lot for your free plugins, very useful!

Thanks guys for sharing free stuffs, this helps the poors and fuels attractivity of your great product. Thank you for the Plugins, I am new to C4D R13 and I have a long way to go to learn all that it can do, I really appreciate your free plugins.

I will do my best to learn them. You are a blessing to many people with your products! Thank you! Hey, just letting you know that Collage shader crashes when used in R20 with the Insydium Bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge does not support anything but the most basic 2D shaders.Material Pack. Rk Vray texture pack.

Vray Lighting Essentials. Droid Texture pack. Tiles shaders collection - library. Requires Advanced Render 3. Here you will find free custom Libraries and Plugins that have been made and share for the Community. Asset Library. Create mind-blowing effects with these essential plugins for Cinema 4D. The textures are. Cinema 4D artists packed into an easy to use library for. Pack Ice Texture Pack is a collection of. Cinema4D Plugin Collection Jan HTTP download also available at fast speeds.

Wood Texture pack is a collection of wood. Stage is a Cinema 4D plugin and provides a toolkit to organize. Create your own library of fixtures and. New to cinema and what really make a good scen is the lightning. It's a collection of. Add to Collection Tools Used. These are. Take a look at the must-have plugins currently available to take your experience to the. Cinema 4D Free Plugins. AutoRename is a simple plugin for Cinema 4D. Selection Tools is a small collection of tools that provide added selection features to.

Cinema 4D Plugins Collection How to download. Download Collection 46 Plugins Cinema 4d R Free Cinema 4D Material Pack. Motion Graphics; Add to Collection. Follow Following Unfollow. Add to Collection Copy link.Creative Bloq is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. One of the best 3D modelling software packages, the way Cinema 4D is structured means, not only are these plugins nicely integrated into the app often seamlessly at timesthey all play well together. So you can find Cinema 4D tutorials that mix third-party Modifiers and Effectors with native tools, use Turbulence FD to convect X-particles and then visualise them with the Hair shader, shatter meshes with Nitroblast and then animate them with Signal Every now and then you find a plugin that doesn't offer a means to a particular end, but inspires you to investigate further nonetheless.

free cinema 4d plugins

Trypogen is one such plugin. It's a generator plugin that lets you take a simple object and create something that combines the best of mathematical-based processes with the random and organic nature of the more playful side of 3D. It's a bit of a niche product, but Trypogen encourages playful experimentation and can actually yield beautiful, if unexpected, results in very little time.

Cinema 4D Free Plugins (Mega Post)

Combine that with its compatibility with MoGraph, and you have a very useful tool for little cost. This amazing particle and VFX system has a host of useful features. You can create stimulations for cloth, smoke, fire and fluids, for example, and it integrates seamlessly into Cinema 4D.

If you can use C4D, you can use X-Particles.

Top 10 plugins for CINEMA 4D

TurbulenceFD is a voxel-based fluid dynamics simulation system for making fire and smoke. It's easy to use, includes studio presents and has built-in support for renderers Octane, Arnold and Redshift. Scroll Roll Deformer was designed to help create rolling paper and carpet-like effects, says Daniel Fitzgerald, developer at Curious Animal, but he found it was also a fun way to create sprouting animations.

Scroll Roll also turned out to be perfect for growing sprouting objects and growing feathers. By scaling these objects up from nothing as they unroll he was able to transition them on smoothly, but in a much more interesting way than a simple scale.

When applied to a mesh, Motion Stretch Deformer — as you might guess — stretches the geometry according to its movement, creating things like motion trails. As its name suggests, SplinePatch 3. This is ideal for creating complex forms that remain editable and animatable, such as cars, clothing, characters, packaging or other convoluted shapes. Forester is a procedural vegetation creation plugin that makes an endless variety of grass, trees and plants, and that also comes with a rock generator and a scattering function, called the Multicloner.

Its latest update also integrates with C4D's Variation shader, so you can colour your leaves randomly. It provides a set of over 65 presets for various animation sequences, which can then be tweaked to suit. It works well on text, clone arrays or fractured objects made using Nitroblast. The Difference Map is a handy plugin that enables you to layer effects on top of your deformation by creating a vertex map describing the effect of the deformer on each point in your model.

So, if using Impact deformer to create ripples, you could use the Difference Map tab to create a vertex map that you reference in a material to give those ripples a different colour to the rest of the object. This article was originally published in 3D World magazineand has since been updated. Subscribe to 3D World here. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. TurbulenceFD This heavy sim was rendered at x Light Kit Pro 3. SplinePatch 3.Last week we featured 10 Free Audio Plug-ins.

Some of these are older tools and may not work with R21, but many will work in R These are listed in no particular order.

free cinema 4d plugins

Select the nodes and click on the color of your choice. This plugin gives you the ability to save and use custom color palettes, also.

free cinema 4d plugins

In addition, Colorise objects and add objects to layers. Make things like chains, folds, and more. Download: CV-Dynamic Connector. Note: This one is free but requires a Cineversity subscription. Anyone who has an R21 subscription also has a subscription to Cineversity. Via Lester Banks. This works with any polygon, primitive, generator, deformer, or any other object as well.

It allows users to give projects a deep ocean look. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow. Learn More. They also have older versions that work with R8. Reeper is the German word for Ropemaker. Download: Reeper. Compatibility: Unknown but the last update was 9 months ago, so we suspect it works in R It is open-source and it also supports Thinking Particles.

Download: Net Creator. Total Checkout.

Toolfarm requires javascript to be turned on. Please turn on javascript and reload the page. Home News Freebies. October 18, Download: Aturtur Colorise.Take a look at the must-have plugins currently available to take your experience to the next level CINEMA 4D has been in existence in some form for a quarter of a century now and is truly a heavyweight in the modelling, animating and rendering market.

MAXON the creators offer multiple versions of their software to give their customers flexibility in the tools that they have access to. This also enables them to offer lighter versions of their software at a more reasonable price point. As with every piece of visualisation software it benefits from plugins and today we're going to explore ten of those. This plugin provides users with an impressive set of tools for particle visualisation.

This makes it possible to create both fluids and gaseous simulations with one solution. This is similar to X-Particle in that this provides an improvement over the built in vector tools. This one enables you to easily vectorise images, movies and shaders in real-time amongst other things. This is a very simple and free plugin but it's useful to know it's there all the same!

This is an incredible time saver in that it saves time rebuilding splines in new scenes. This tool allows for animating spline parameters which is particularly useful for those motion graphic visualisations where you want splines to attach to objects and follow along with them.

RealFlow is primarily an out of the box fluid simulation piece of software.

Free Stuff

It is standalone and compatible with all major 3D platforms. So why am I mentioning it in an article about plugins! If you want to use an external renderer then you have a stack of options but a lot of them require you to export out to an external standalone solution.

It goes without saying that VRay is an established and proven renderer that is constantly being developed.

HoRope. C4d plugin. Dynamic rope from spline.

It is therefore an excellent renderer to adopt. As previously mentioned many of the renderers provide exporters to enable you to move seamlessly from CINEMA 4D out to their rendering engine. Arnold is one of these examples. Arnold provides an effective bridge between the two and gives support for objects, hair, splines and particles to name a few.

This is a relatively straight forward plugin and rather simplistic but you may find a use for it all the same. It enables you to set up a snow system which will fall on objects. There are more comprehensive particle solutions available to you but this simple solution will be of benefit to some. This plugin made by Thomas Luft does exactly what it says it does.

It enables you to grow ivy! I've included a link to a video tutorial which you'll find helpful during setup. Lawrence also provides a link to the plugin and to Thomas Luft's original plugin. Download it and create beautiful ivy! But that's not it! You can even animate all of the texture parameters enabling you to create some very special effects. There is also a lite version available for download on the website. There are a load of tasks that visualisers have to go through on a daily basis which can become a bit laborious.

One of those tasks is creating windows! This plugin lets you create and place tools in an intuitive and fast fashion. Obviously if you then want to add detail you can do that afterwards. However you use CINEMA 4D there are always going to be tools out there that will not only speed up your workflow, but also enable you to visualise more effectively.

We've covered only a few but it's well worth keeping your ear to the ground and trawling trusted websites for up-to-date plugins. And if you can't find what you're looking for, maybe there's a market for you to create something unique!